As you are likely aware, Governor Abbott lifted capacity and mask mandates with Executive Order GA-34.  Texas Education Agency left guidance for schools unchanged, including mask mandates, however allowing local Boards to make some decisions.  On March 23, the PPISD Board of Trustees took action to opt out of the mask mandate.  However, staff and students will have the choice to continue to wear masks under the condition that our case numbers do not rise.  Should cases begin to rise and reach a threshold set by administration, masks will again be required until numbers drop again.  Should that happen, PPISD will notify all parents, guardians, and staff members.  Further, masks will be required for those who are returning from quarantine until the timelines in our Public Health Plan have been met.  We will follow our Public Health Plan in making decisions, which is posted on our district webpage.  As we have been doing since the pandemic began, unless essential (contractors doing building repairs, law enforcement, etc.), PPISD is not allowing visitors in the building at this point, other than the main office, to minimize exposure.  We will still require visitors to wear masks for admittance in order to protect our staff and students.


We appreciate your understanding and support as we are having to make difficult decisions in an imperfect situation.

Upcoming Events/Dates: 


20th- Board Meeting at 6:00pm

21st- PreK Registration & Open Enrollment begins - transfer applications currently being accepted


3rd-7th- Teacher Appreciation Week

11th- STAAR 3-6 Grade Math

12th- STAAR 3-6 Grade Reading

13th- STAAR 5th Grade Science 

18th- Field Day

21st- Last Day of School

New Student Application for Transfer

(You can print or pick-up application at the front office. Please fill out and return or scan copy to


Palo Pinto Color Fun Run


We would like to thank the following sponsors of our 1st Annual Color Fun Run:

-Fawn Barrington                        -Cody & Erika Griffin 4G

-Bell Stone & Masonry                 -Red's Grocery and Motel 

-Karen Blissitte                           -Hi-Lo Country Builders

-Joseph & Lisa Brooks                 -Jesse's Drive In

-Brad & Tonya Brown                  -Linda Medlin

-C&C Concrete                           -Palo Pinto Booster Club

-Class Pays Fabrication LLC/        -Palo Pinto United Methodist Church

   Scott Brack Murphy                  -Potter & Son's Garage

-Brad & Sarah Connelly               -Price-TAC Insulation Company       

-Jimmy & Lela Goen                    ​-Spartan Construction & Roofing

-Roy & Marsha Davis                                              

Palo Pinto ISD's Response to COVID-19, including the Public Health Plan, FAQs, Remote Instruction Plan, & Important Information are now posted on our webpage under the "COVID-19" menu or you can click here.

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Click the graphic above for details

Mustang Merit Honorary Scholarship


Palo Pinto ISD is proud to offer a scholarship opportunity for current graduating seniors who plan to attend an institution of higher learning full-time or enlist full-time in the armed forces immediately following graduation (summer or fall semester). There are criteria to apply. Applications are DUE no later than the 2nd Monday in April at 3:00pm. If mailing the completed application & required documents, it must be received in the district by the deadline. Late applications will not be considered. Though the plan is for scholarship recipients to be notified by the 2nd Friday in May, contingent upon funds and the submission of quality applications, due to recommendations of social isolation, the scholarship committee will be attempting to meet in order to fulfill that notification timeline. However, recipients may be notified after the 2nd Friday in May.  To determine eligibility and to apply, click here.  Good luck to all of our Mustang alumni applicants!

Congratulations to the following Mustang Merit Scholarship recipients for 2020!  We wish all Palo Pinto ISD graduating alumni the best of wishes for a bright future!

Hannah Connelly

Hailey Tincher

Thanks to the following for your generous donations to the Mustang Merit Honorary Scholarship Fund 2020!

--Ray & Madge Patterson

If you would like to donate, please contact us at 940.659.2745.  We appreciate your support of education!

Required Public Notice:

Palo Pinto Independent School District is currently developing for submission the SY 2021-2022 application for the following grants funded under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act:  Title I, Part A; Title II; Title IV.  Private non-profit schools that qualify may be eligible for services through these grants. Directors who think their school may be eligible for services or who need more information concerning participation, please call the school at 940-659-2745 by June 24, 2021.


Palo Pinto Independent School District is currently developing for submission an application to the Texas Education Agency for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER III) through the federal CARES Act. These funds provide emergency relief funds to address the impact that COVID-19 has had, and continues to have, on elementary and secondary schools across the nation. To provide comments, feedback, or for more information concerning application of this grant, please call the school at 940-659-2745 by June 24, 2021.  Posted: 4/30/2021



Our mission is to provide the best of instruction for today and for the future. Our students will be prepared to meet the challenges in their lives.

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Please take note of the "Upcoming Events" & headliners listed on our web page to stay informed of and involved in the activities we have going on at Palo Pinto Elementary.  We invite you to like and follow us on Facebook to stay informed and to see the great things happening in Mustang Country.  Lastly, please inform us if you have an address or phone number change so we can keep your information updated in our system.  We want to ensure we can always communicate with you in a variety of ways so that you are well informed.  

Palo Pinto ISD Board will be ordering an election for the November 2022 General Election for 3 full term positions on the Board of Trustees.  If you are interested in a place on the ballot, please check out the information on our webpage, including filing deadlines. You can access it directly by clicking here.

​It's a great time to be a Mustang!  If you are still looking for a great school for your child, please give us a call at 940-659-2745.  Please click here for our flyer detailing required documents for enrollment.

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