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2020 TAPR--District (TEA)

2020  Federal Report Card

2020 Accountability--District SRC (txschools.gov) (same as 2019 due to COVID)

2020  Accountability--Campus SRC (txschools.gov) (same as 2019 due to COVID)

2020 Accountability--Campus SRC (TEA release Dec 2019)

2019 TAPR--District (TEA)

2019 Federal Report Card

2019 Accountability--District SRC (txschools.gov)

2019 Accountability--Campus SRC (txschools.gov)

2019 Accountability--Campus SRC (TEA release Dec 2019)

2018 TAPR--District (TEA)

2018 Federal Report Card

2018 Accountability--District SRC (txschools.gov)

2018 Accountability--Campus SRC (txschools.gov)

2017 Federal Report Card

2017 Accountability SRC

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2016 Accountability SRC

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Required Public Notice:

Palo Pinto Independent School District is currently developing the SY 2020-2021 application for the following grants funded under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act:  Title I, Part A; Title II; Title IV.  Private non-profit schools that qualify may be eligible for services through these grants. Directors who think their school may be eligible for services or who need more information concerning participation, please call the school at 940-659-2745 by June 25, 2020.


Also, please be informed that Palo Pinto ISD intends to apply for CARES Act funding (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief, or ESSER).  Posted: 6/16/2020