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Bullying & StayALERT Information


First and foremost, it is of utmost importance if you have information related to bullying behaviors, that you report them directly to a school staff member for remediation.  However, the district also offers StayALERT as a secondary option to reporting via a phone call or personal conference.  We always encourage you to primarily contact the school staff if you have a concern at 940-659-2745.







What is StayALERT?

StayALERT is our school district's bilingual, confidential, safety reporting service. StayALERT provides students, parents of students, school and district administrators, teachers, and staff a means to confidentially report school-related safety concerns.  The StayALERT reporting tool is available 24-7-365.  


Who may create a report and how are they submitted to stayALERT?

Any student, teacher, faculty, parent of a student, or local community member may submit a report.  StayALERT has four modes of reporting a concern:


Text or Call:  1-206-406-6485

Report Online:

Send an E-mail:


How are reported concerns handled or processed?


Reports received by stayALERT are quickly screened and then communicated verbatim back to a pre-designated district administrator, who reviews the report and follows the district's procedures for handling the concern.  StayALERT is a reporting tool and does not provide counseling services or other guidance.  As a reporting tool, StayALERT gathers information from reports to facilitate follow-up decisions by the appropriated party.  All reports to StayALERT are handled in a confidential manner.


What can be reported through StayALERT?


Any school safety concern may be reported to StayALERT.  Examples of reports received are:

  • Bullying

  • Sexual Assaults

  • Weapons

  • Student Conflict

  • Drug or Alcohol Use

  • Vandalism

  • Inappropriate Behaviors

  • Any School Safety or Security Concern


Why do we have StayALERT?


Our district desires to maintain the safest working and learning environment possible.  StayALERT is one additional means to promote and encourage school safety.


Is StayALERT an emergency reporting line?


Definitely not.  Dial 911 if the safety concern is an emergency.

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